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Where I can find the map of the different lines of buses of the EMT, and even the itineraries of each one of the lines?

In the top/Lines-Map Itinerary of the website,www.emtmadrid.es, you can download the plans or maps of the EMT buses circulating in Madrid, both the daylight and the night, and even the specifics of the airport.

What can I do if I forgot something important on the bus and can not be expected to consult on the website the next day?

When you have forgotten something, or an urgent document, the main step is to contact the Office of Customer Service by phone 902 50 78 50. Here we provide data as line and sense of it, stop where we dropped and at what time, if we remember the vehicle number and description of the object. From that moment, our staff is in contact with the Control Station, from where the bus will try to locate and communicate with the driver to, if possible, find the lost object. If the object is located, we try to provide an approximate time that could pass a certain point in your route and knowing the number of the vehicle, deliver, after identification, the found object. If it was not possible to approach at the time, just call, from 9:30 am the following day, on 902 50 78 50, where we will inform you if your lost property has been located or consult on this website (lost and found objects)

Can I go on the EMT buses transporting a child in a folding baby chair?

As long as the occupation of the bus could place the saddle on the site enabled for wheelchairs causing minimum disruption and risk to other passengers, excluding the double seats or Tandem. The accompanying adult must place him under security measures established by EMT and based on the Decision rendered by the Regional Transport Consortium on 8 February 2007.p>

Can I board the bus carrying a folded bike?

Access to the bus with a bike folded size equivalent to hand luggage is allowed, always depending on the occupation of the vehicle at the time. The bicycle should always be folded to be placed in the central platform and should be subject to the traveler at all times. Wheelchairs and baby strollers have priority to board the bus in front of bicycles.

In the case of line 33 of EMT [Príncipe Pío - Casa de Campo], you are allowed to ride bicycles in the media specifically authorized for this purpose located in the rear of the vehicle (only on weekends and days holidays).

When are air conditioners activated in the EMT buses?

All our buses are equipped with air conditioning and heating, air conditioners systems are activated when weather conditions so point out, which is mainly in summer and winter. However in exceptional situations, you can ask the bus driver responsible, and with the agreement of most travelers, to activate these facilities.

Who should I address to put a complaint, a claim or a suggestion

The company makes available to passengers who request them complaints forms on board vehicles, and in your customer service office in which complaints may be presented as long as the passenger produces evidence of the journey by showing their valid transport ticket and identifying themselves with the National Identity Document, passport or residence card in force. The complaint will be made in such a way that it does not affect the provision of the service, avoiding interruptions and respecting the main function of driving that corresponds to the driver of the vehicle. In any case, the attention of the driver to complaints that are made will be in such a way that this does not alter or harm the normality of the service or adversely affect the rest of the passengers; under these circumstances the complaint will be presented by some ways: in the customer service office at Calle Cerro de la Plata nº 4 28007-Madrid, fax 91.406.88.79, email (atencioncliente@emtmadrid.es) or on number phone 902.50.78.50.

Where should I go to obtain information on the service provided by the MTC?

Apart from this web page, there is a public information telephone number (902.50.78.50) that operates from 7am to 9pm from monday to friday and from 7am to 9pm saturday and holidays with the objective of providing information to users who request it.p>

If when travelling on a MTC bus I suffer personal or material damage on the bus what should I do?

When personal or material damage to passengers occurs inside vehicles this should be communicated obligatorily and immediately to vehicle drivers. If they do not do so, the subsequent complaint - if one is lodged - will have to be checked for evidence that the lesion or damage occurred on the bus. In any case, complainants will have to issue a copy of their medical care and their transport ticket.

I am a physically disabled person. Can I get off the bus by the front door?

Disabled people will be able to get off the bus by the door for getting on except when buses have special adaptation mechanisms for them.

What elements do EMT buses carry to help people with visual problems?

The entire fleet of the EMT is accessible, since one hundred percent of its buses are low floor and have access ramp for disabled people using wheelchairs. Also, thinking about the blind, visually impaired or reading disabled, all EMT buses have a system of oral information and their next stop on the vehicle matches. Gradually, the fleet will incorporate this system outside the bus, to announce.

Can I upload to the EMT buses carrying a suitcase?

Travelers Regulation regulates matters relating to the package giving two perspectives, first as a right of travelers to carry objects or hand luggage, provided they do not inconvenience or danger to other passengers, and secondly, as an obligation, not to carry different objects of the foregoing; this means that hand luggage is allowed provided it does not inconvenience or danger other passengers, according to the driver, and all other packages are a priori forbidden, but the driver in certain circumstances , would permit the carriage. The definition of hand luggage is the vulgar, and may provide guidance to the effect that the definition applies in the civil aviation sector. Therefore, and based on the peculiarities and occupation of a trip, the driver may authorize access to users who carry these items as long as they follow the recommendations and directions the driver, as head of the bus, gives you.

Do I have the obligation to cancel my transport travel card monthly or annual coupon?

Validation of the journey is obligatory for all monthly or annual Transport Travel Pass passengers with the objective of checking passenger demand on different lines that make up the MTC and thus being able to determine the staff for buses on each one of them in order to offer a service in tune with this demand.

What is the Blue Card?

The Blue Card is a monthly subscription with unlimited use of the services of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT), Metro de Madrid (Area A) and Light Rail Madrid (line ML-1).

The Blue Card is aimed at elderly and disabled users who meet certain financial requirements, and replaces the card and ten-trip ticket, which allows only the use of EMT services. With the new Blue Card, you can travel as often as desired over a month in the services requested.

The Blue Card is a personal accreditation, with the identification data and the photograph of the holder, and a monthly voucher, which will cost 5.50 Euros and will be available at newsstands that actually now sell the BonoTet.

Can I use Blue Card to ride the Metro?

Yes, the Blue Card can also be used in all the metro lines (in the municipality of Madrid) and the Light Rail line 1, following the policy of integration with Transport Regional Transport Consortium of the Community of Madrid.

I am a user of a travel pass, ¿do i have to carry the Travel Pass Card or just the monthly or yearly coupon given?

The Travel Pass is a personal and unchangeable Travel Pass Card with your photograph, identification and a given number. It is bligatory to travel with the Card and the Coupon where your number and limited zone which must match up with the ones printed on your card. The Coupon will only be valid if it carries your number and you have the given Card.

I am a user of Bonotet. Should I carry the special transport card given to me to get on MTC buses or is it enough to just validate the Bonotet?

The special transport card is personal and non-transferable and must always be carried together with the bonotet and shown to the driver before validating the journey.

Are drivers obliged to provide change for a single ticket on board a bus if they do not have any small change?

In the case of buying a ticket on board the bus, the passenger will have to pay the amount of the exact fare in force with small change; nevertheless the Company will adopt the necessary measures so that their personnel may return money whenever payment by the user is not greater than five times the ticket price. If this is impossible because the driver has run out of change, the user will provide his or her data so that the amount to return is sent to their home. As a regulation, our agents provide change to passengers who pay for their ticket with higher amounts as long as they have change. It could be that while providing this service small change runs out. In these cases the user is offered the alternative of having the change provided in our company's central offices - C/. Cerro de la Plata 4, from the following day in schedule from 8 to 14 hours from Monday until Friday.

Can I travel on the bus carrying animals?

You may not travel with animals on MTC buses except guide dogs in the case of blind people, or their trainers or small domestic animals, as long as their owners in appropriate receptacles transport them and they do not disturb others due to their odor or noise or in general affect the comfort of fellow passengers.

Are MTC drivers obliged to stop at all stops that make up their itinerary?

The stops that the different MTC lines have available along their itineraries are discretionary, in other words, the user or passenger will have to warn the driver with sufficient notice if they want to get on the bus via an unequivocal signal or in the case of wanting to get off, use the devices inside the vehicle independent of the fact that the stop is for just one line.

From what age do children pay for a ticket on different MTC lines?

Children under four may travel for free without right to a seat on MTC bus lines except the Colón-airport line and special services in the company of a adult who will be responsible for them.

How do I know the waiting time until I get my bus when I'm located at a stop?

The user can see through a text message to mobile phone the estimated wait time of your next bus. We must send a text message to number 7998 with the word 'ESPERA' followed by a space and the number of stops that is (this number is in a blue sign with the logo of a bus at every stop of the network). In seconds, you get a reply with the estimated time of arrival of the next bus to each of the lines passing through this stop. The cost of both messages to the user is 0.15 €.

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Write Espera space nº bus stop and send to 7998